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The Mind Mechanic        

A New Approach to Empowerment and Influence


NB: If you are responsible for Mental Health & Well-being in your company, please click here

When you were at school, college or university 

Did you learn how to be confident

Did you learn how to be calm and in control

Did you learn how to influence other people without them knowing

Did you learn how to remove stress and anxiety and never become stressed or anxious ever again!

Did you learn how to unconsciously persuade people 

Did you learn how to remove fears and phobia's

Did you learn how to know what other people are thinking


Did you learn how to 'read' a person simply by their body language

Did you learn how to get more sales, more girls/boys, more friends, more money

I think you get the message....................

Basic education does not teach us 'real world' skills

We were never taught those skills that become so very important to us when we become older and enter the 'real world'

After 22 years of helping thousands of people change their lives and teaching them what we are never taught at school it's now time for me to share that with you now too. So you can take advantage and become that person you want to be

Well, it's finally beginning to get recognised that the mind is 'where it's at' and our ''mental body' is as important as our physical body to keep healthy and in trim

In line with this, much like we can train and tone up our physical body we all have the innate ability to do this with our mind too......and in fairness it's a lot less strenuous and arduous than visiting the physical gym

What I'm getting at here is that much like if your car is not working correctly you employ a mechanic to fix it. What's even better though is that you can change the thinking of a fiat 500 into a ferrari if you choose to (no disrespect meant to fiat!)

Some people have said that it's a little flippant to compare what I do to a technician/mechanic fixing a car but I find the analogy very accurate simply because of the way we as humans tick and the way we can change and be 'fixed'

If, by this time you are shouting at the page "get to the point", then you like me want to know what the hell I'm talking about

For the last 22 years I've been a mental health practitioner, a coach-consultant-therapist and previous to that worked in the corporate world for around 20+ years. If you're mathematically inclined (which I'm not) you would have already added those figures together and thought blimey this guys been around a few years........which I have, and that's part of why I'm doing all this for you so you can benefit from all my years of experience (and inexperience!)

What's in it for you?

Having studied the mind and unconscious influence (ie how you can influence people without them knowing) for longer than 22 years and having been a 'grunt' and an 'officer' in the corporate world I can now give you what works and what will work for you if you want to become an expert communicator and influencer in the real world. Some of you may be just setting out in life, some may be looking for a whole career change (which is something I did). Some of you may be disillusioned with where you are at right now

Why would I do this?

Well, to be honest I wanted to let you have what has taken me many years to accumulate by real world experience in real environments with real businesses and people........the reason I emphasise this is simply because what you will have has already proven to work, all you need to do is apply yourself to it

So, if you want to

 * Change the way you think

* Influence other people to your way of thinking

* Be a master influencer and communicator

* Let go of old habits

* Be successful at that next interview

* Remove fears and phobias

* Become worry and stress free

* Be supremely confident


Now is the time!

..for now just take a look at the current programs and mp3's I have released for you........if you are an employee, owner or director of a company then go here for my corporate offerings for mental wellness, emotional intelligence and well being

Just a few testimonials from people who have used my Interview Influence Program below -

Hi Kevin, just a few words to thank you for the most amazing information you gave me and to let you know how I have gained from using it. Simply having the understanding of how to influence people gave me more confidence in the interviews and with that and the interview confidence you have given me I found I was more relaxed about the interviews I attended.

You already know the results, I never thought I would have a choice of what job I wanted!

Thanks again, you're a star

Best Wishes


Hi Kevin

 I've read the Influence sheet already. It's great fun and just the sort of weapon (linguistic and non-verbal) that I would actually enjoy applying.

Many thanks. Will let you know if I get an interview and, if so, what happens next -


Got into the interview, for which I had to give a 5 min technology free presentation on a topic. That went well... and then... well, it felt like

downhill skiing, only without the snow or fun. I actually was lost for words at one point (some of the questions were stupid and required even more ludicrous answers). Can you believe it? I've only ever been lost for words twice before: once in an interview, the other with my ex partners ex!.

Anyway, I tried some of the interview influencing techniques - though don't worry,  I shan't be after you for not getting me the job. Not heard yet but I’m in no doubt that I won’t have got it. So, in terms of practice, it was good.


I got the job! Staggered. How bad must the others have been???? Or, alternatively, how good was my 'Interview with Influence' technique? ;-)

I've accepted it provisionally, just waiting for money to be sorted. I'll keep you posted


Hi Kevin

After previously having had rejections from interviews I had attended when I saw your program I thought what have I got to lose? I was a little concerned whether the information would be complicated but when I got it I was so pleased how easy it was to pick up and apply AND GET RESULTS. I doubted myself but again I thought what have I got to lose. I applied some and not all of the techniques and GOT OFFERED THE JOB! Over the moon, so wanted to email and tell you of my success. And I'm having even more fun applying the techniques to influence other people too so I look forward to your upcoming programs because I know this works. Thanks Again

Tracey Richards


Hi Kevin

Just a quick email to let you know that I used your unconscious influencing techniques and the Diamond Document and got offered the job. It was a position that I really wanted and I had done my homework but I really feel that you did give me a huge edge over the other candidates with your program, and I have to say I can't believe how cheap you are selling what is absolute dynamite information. Getting the job added 3 grand onto my salary so a no brainer at £20 for your program. I look forward to getting your future influencing and persuasion programs

All the best

Jack H

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