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The Mind Mechanic        

A New Approach to Empowerment and Influence

About Kevin

Why Trust Me?

How can I make such bold statements that can ultimately guarantee you the ability to influence?

Read below about myself and the Interview Influence Product

I have spent the last 40 years in the 'people business', 20 plus years in the corporate world and since 1997, the last 19 years as a Coach-Consultant-Therapist. I'm not here to tell you how good I am I simply want you to understand that everything I do is based upon real world tips, techniques and strategies that have proven to work. 

Let me tell you why -

I'm a real person and you will find that my practice is located in Worcester, England in the UK.  I have been both sides of the table, as an interviewer and as a prospective candidate looking to get a job. I have worked in small, medium and large businesses. I learnt about people skills, body language and interaction to influence and then latterly over the last 19 years how you can bring all this together and influence people unconsciously without them even knowing. The interview influence offering will work for you.

Some people might say this is unethical. Over the years I have learnt techniques employed by government agencies like  the FBI when interrogating suspects to find out if they're lying. I can teach you these techniques and more but for this offering I want to give you the very best chance to get that next job. It doesn't matter what position the job is for, it can be for stacking supermarket shelves or the next CEO of a large corporation and everything in between

Once you have learnt these techniques you can not only get that next job but use the techniques I show you to be a more influential and confident person with those people around you. Ethical? You decide, if you aren't using these techniques someone is probably already using them on you to influence you! I just give you the tools and strategies to employ to influence, I trust you to use them ethically for your own conscience.

For those who want proof of my accreditations then here's that bit for you

Clinical Hypnotherapist D Hyp,BSCH, GHR (Reg.) SQHP. EFT Practitioner EFTP, (AMT Member), Forensic Hypnosis Practitioner (Member EIFH), CBT Practitioner, Counsellor, SNHS Diplomas in Stress Management, Psychotherapy & Counselling, NLP, Life Coaching, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, HND Business Studies 

I was asked by one of my clients who was struggling with interview confidence whether I could give her some tips that could make her more confident and influential in her interviews as she had been struggling for some time attending interview after interview and not being offered the job.

I sat down and put together what you now have the opportunity to take advantage of yourself. In short, the first version of this I gave to that client, and this is no exaggeration, of the next three interviews she attended she got offered two and got shortlisted on the third. Coincidence?

Interview Influence is designed so you can read through, pick it up and apply within a matter of minutes, it is not complicated. I gave it to one client recently who was attending an interview the very next week.The outcome of the interview that my client attended who I gave interview influence to reported back to me by email that she had completely cocked up the interview and when doing a presentation had even been lost for words. But she insisted she had applied everything in the interview influence product in order to try and be offered the job. Needless to say neither of us had any expectation that she would be offered the job.

A week later she was offered the job and actually starts this month (June 2014). Coincidence? I was just as surprised as she was that she was offered the job after not giving a good account of herself at the interview. The power of the interview influence was again evident, and it can be for you too.

I am focused on providing you with products that will deliver, meet and exceed your expectations.  Everything I provide has proven to work in the real world. None of this is theory.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I'm sure you’ll be happy with what you choose.  Check back later for new updates to the website. If there is a product you would like to see just contact me and let me know.

Hi Kevin, just a few words to thank you for the most amazing information you gave me and to let you know how I have gained from using it. Simply having the understanding of how to influence people gave me more confidence in the interviews and with that and the interview confidence you have given me I found I was more relaxed about the interviews I attended.

You already know the results, I never thought I would have a choice of what job I wanted!

Thanks again, you're a star

Best Wishes


Hi Kevin

 I've read the Influence sheet already. It's great fun and just the sort of weapon (linguistic and non-verbal) that I would actually enjoy applying.

Many thanks. Will let you know if I get an interview and, if so, what happens next -


Got into the interview, for which I had to give a 5 min technology free presentation on a topic. That went well... and then... well, it felt like

 downhill skiing, only without the snow or fun. I actually was lost for words at one point (some of the questions were stupid and required even more ludicrous answers). Can you believe it? I've only ever been lost for words twice before: once in an interview, the other with my ex partners ex!.

Anyway, I tried some of the interview influencing techniques - though don't worry,  I shan't be after you for not getting me the job. Not heard yet but I’m in no doubt that I won’t have got it. So, in terms of practice, it was good.


I got the job! Staggered. How bad must the others have been???? Or, alternatively, how good was my 'Interview with Influence' technique? ;-)

I've accepted it provisionally, just waiting for money to be sorted. I'll keep you posted