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The Mind Mechanic        

A New Approach to Empowerment and Influence



Hi Kevin, just a few words to thank you for the most amazing information you gave me and to let you know how I have gained from using it. Simply having the understanding of how to influence people gave me more confidence in the interviews and with that and the interview confidence you have given me I found I was more relaxed about the interviews I attended.

You already know the results, I never thought I would have a choice of what job I wanted!

Thanks again, you're a star

Best Wishes


Hi Kevin

 I've read the Influence sheet already. It's great fun and just the sort of weapon (linguistic and non-verbal) that I would actually enjoy applying.

Many thanks. Will let you know if I get an interview and, if so, what happens next -


Got into the interview, for which I had to give a 5 min technology free presentation on a topic. That went well... and then... well, it felt like

downhill skiing, only without the snow or fun. I actually was lost for words at one point (some of the questions were stupid and required even more ludicrous answers). Can you believe it? I've only ever been lost for words twice before: once in an interview, the other with my ex partners ex!.

Anyway, I tried some of the interview influencing techniques - though don't worry,  I shan't be after you for not getting me the job. Not heard yet but I’m in no doubt that I won’t have got it. So, in terms of practice, it was good.


I got the job! Staggered. How bad must the others have been???? Or, alternatively, how good was my 'Interview with Influence' technique? ;-)

I've accepted it provisionally, just waiting for money to be sorted. I'll keep you posted


Dear Kevin

I can't thank you enough for the whole new lease of life you have given me. Your methods and strategies I know come from many years of experience of helping people, and it shows?! I was at the end of my tether when I contacted you, and I felt I was going to lose it completely. Your down to earth way of giving me strategies, therapies and tools that I could immediately help myself with was brilliant and right from our first session I felt more in control and a lot more confident. I continue to use the EFT and the thought more stress at all!

I live my life without any fears now thanks to you. I wish you every success, you deserve it.

My Best Wishes

Susan H

Hi Kevin

Just wanted to let you know that I had a great day. Although i didnt sleep well I did a fantastic presentation to to my team this morning with little preperation - piece of cake! Very confident, motivated and energised feel like I could take on the World!

Speak soon.


Hi Kevin

I hope all is good with you.

I thought I would just update you on progress this end.

I have just finished my 3rd assignment. Each of which have consisted of presentations with the medical teams x 6 and approx 30 sessions of first aid training. These groups ranged from 6 to 50 people. And would you believe - I'm really enjoying it - even more surprisingly, I'm enjoying the larger groups more than anything!!! I'm in fear of becoming an exhibitionist - lol:)

Thank you doesn't seem to convey enough, hopefully it will go someway to showing you how invaluable your experience and support has been

Many, many thanks

PT, Worcester

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